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This knowledge base has been created within the framework or our project LIFE Green-Go! Carpathians - Local initiatives for deployment of green infrastructure within Natura 2000 sites in the Carpathians. Its purpose is to disseminate information about the role and importance of green infrastructure and ecological connectivity for the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable local development that is, among others, dependent upon effective provision of a wide range of ecosystem services.

The repository has been created as a simple e-Learning platform. Please, enter by clicking on Learning path below.  inside, you will find three "learning paths" - or categories of materials:

  • Project materials - with information resources created within our LIFE project - such as 3 thematic animations on green infrastructure and a short tutorial on using the mobile application and geoportal;
  • Other projects - links to selected other projects devoted to green infrastructure;
  • References - other selected documents and reference materials on green infrastructure.

We aim to successively add new materials to the repository as the project continues.

Hope you will enjoy! Please, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions at

Project Implementation Team.